About Fazana

Situated in Istria, Croatia, Fazana is a small port and fishermen's centre in the south-western part of the Istria coast 8 km northwest of Pula. It is located across Brijuni Islands one of eight National parks in Croatia. All boat excursions to the National park are going from Fazana.

History with many flags has left impressive heritage. Situated in old tow centre the parish church of SS. Cosmas and Damian - XV century.. picturesque squares, old close-built houses, narrow stone paved streets as well as some other churches; St. Mary of Mount Carmel - IX century, St. John's XVI cent., St. Eliseus - VI cent. are only a part of history that you can discover in Fazana.

To experience Fazana as a fishing town we recommend taking a coffee early in the morning in the harbor, at the waterfront close to the fishing boats and nets with view of Brijuni from the wonderful seaside promenade.

Crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches due to protection of area because of National park Brijuni having a mild Mediterranean climate, lots of sun and warm weather, plenty of humidity with rich vegetation will provide you pleasant stay during your vacation in Fazana, Istria and Croatia.

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