National park Brijuni

Brijuni a mix of natural and cultural heritage

With its 14 islands and islets covering and area of 7.42km2 Brijuni island are one of eight National parks in Croatia. Situated on western Istrian coast National Park of Brijuni includes the following islands: Veliki Brijun, Mali Brijun, St. Mark, Gaz, Okrugljak, Supin, Supinić, Galija, Grunj, Vanga (Krasnica), Pusti (Madona), Vrsar, St. Jerome and Kozada.

Some 10.000 years ago Brijuni were an integral part of Istria and today they are divided from Fazana 20 minutes of nice boat drive acros channel deep 12m.

Climatically Brijuni, Fazana and westren Istria are part of the northern Mediterranean type of climate and have all the qualities of the western Istrian coast with a relatively high value of dampness in the air (76%). The average yearly temperature is 13.9C, the precipitation average is 817mm, while the level of insolation is 2350 hours per year.

The main characteristic of the Brijuni archipelago is the extraordinary biological diversity given thanks to its geographical location, its geological base and geomorphology, its diversity of the habitat and its island isolation.

Excursions to Veli Brijun

The sightseeing tour includes: a ride by tourist train, visit to the remains of the Roman villa rustica from the I century B.C. in the bay of Verige, and the safari park which breeds the following animals: zebra, Somali sheep, zebu (the holy east Indian humped ox), dromedary, llama and elephant.

The tour also includes visits to the archaeological museum located in the Citadel building from the XVI century and the Church of St. Germain with permanent exhibition of copies of frescoes and Glagolitic writings from Istra.

The sightseeing of the island of Veliki Brijun is organized under un expert guidance in Croatian, Italian, Germain, Russian and English

Excursion to Brijuni can be booked via fooloving contacts several days before you plan your trip:

  • Tel:      +385 (0) 52 525 882, 525 883
  • E-mail:


Individuals - adults 29 € 27 € 23 € 17 €
Children (age 4-14) 14 € 14 € 12 € 9 €
Groups** - adults 23 € 22 € 21 € 14 €
Children (age 4-14) 12 € 11 € 10 € 7 €


29 € 27 € 23 € 17 €

During Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays (December 25 th - January 3rd) as well as during the Easter holiday (April 5th-10th), prices from the third column are charged.

* Informative prices, please contact National park for more information and booking
** Minimum of 25 persons
*** On request - 1 hour



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